Beauty for the Beast

When my mother-in-law arrived around ten this morning to do some rehabilitative foot zoning for my daughter’s twisted knee, our day was well under way.  I had gotten up, showered, dressed, nursed and changed the baby, helped my daughter get her knee brace on, taken out and cleaned up after two dogs, made and fed the kids a healthy breakfast of hot cereal, completed our morning school circle and was halfway into my oldest’s Main Lesson.  A successful morning if I do say so myself! Then why did I feel so uncomfortable sitting next to my mother-in-law?  Maybe it’s because I looked like this!

One of the challenges of homeschooling (er, well, life, if I’m being honest) for me is taking the time to get myself fully ready in the mornings.  There’s no time for make-up! Besides, who will see me?!   Plus, that gunk on my face just means  I have to scrub it off at night!  And my hair?  Yikes!  It takes an hour to round brush straight – literally! Even if I straightened it just twice a week, I could never be left “unneeded” long enough to finish the job.

I felt better after looking at these celebs in their un-made-up states, but I’m tired of feeling self-conscious about my lack of attempt at looking presentable.  I’m also well aware that my daughters are learning how to care for themselves by watching me – ahh! Maybe it is time to try putting some beauty onto the beast!

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