A Poem a Day

We memorize a lot of poems and verses during the course of a school year!  Not only does it help with, well, memorizing; it builds vocabulary, grammar and oral presentation skills.  Then, when a poem is successfully memorized the children write it down and illustrate it.


Pintail – Grade 1; The Swing by R. L. Stevenson


Teal – Grade 4;  verse from the Poetic Edda – watercolor idea from Our Little Nature Nest blog

One of the best buys I made for school this year was The Waldorf Book of Poetry edited by David Kennedy.  The poems contained are mostly classics, but there are some great poems by Waldorf Educators.  One of the things I like most about the book is that there is a good selection of poems for all of the “Main Lesson” blocks over the years.  A few of the poems are even written in their native language with a pronunciation guide and English translation! My only complaint about the book is that I wish there were an audio CD for the poems printed in other languages.

Did you memorize poems as a child?  What are the ones you remember?

2 thoughts on “A Poem a Day

  1. Rachel

    Hey Audree! No, my title is misleading! Sorry! We work on memorizing a poem every day, but it is the same one until it’s memorized. Love.


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