On and Off and On Again

We began our second semester of school on Tuesday.  It was such a beautiful day and the unseasonably warm weather made for lots of time outdoors.  During our morning break, I raked wood chips off the lawn and back into the play area.  Teal busied herself making curtains for the play house, and Pintail used his new tool kit to saw some wood and nail a bird house together.  I was reminded of one of the things I like about homeschooling – the busy noise of children.  I really missed that hum of activity when they were at school all day.

Pintail’s Grade 1 block is Form Drawing this week and a three week Where the Mountain Meets the Moon block (recommended by Carrie of http://www.theparentingpassageway.com).  We will be reading this book together and doing lots of Chinese crafts/study to culminate in a celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Teal’s Grade 4 block is the second half of Norse Myths using D’Aulaires’ Norse Mythology block.

Unfortunately, I got a weird twenty-four hour bug and had to take yesterday off (Great way to start back! Blech!), but we were back in force today – except that my rest hour was taken up with online support help from Rosetta Stone!

How was your return to school?

I hope to learn how to add pictures and personalize this space a little more.  Thanks for dropping by!

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